The Painting

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Once upon a time, there was an artist named Chittaranjan, who had a great passion for art. He used to live in a small village called Pushapatnam and he was very helpful to people around. One day a poor woman came to Chittaranjan house seeking help to feed her little boy. Chittaranjan did not have enough money to support the poor woman, so he offered her one of his artworks. Chittaranjan told her that this painting was one of his finest paintings and asked her to sell it to support her existing living condition. The woman happily accepted Chittaranjan’s help and started to the marketplace to sell the painting. During her walk to the market, a farmer saw the painting and come forward to talk with the woman. The farmer was very impressed with the painting and offered 2 bags of rice in exchange for the painting. The woman accepted this barter exchange and happily returned to her home. The farmer hanged this painting in his house. This painting attracted the attention of everyone who visited the farmer’s house. One day the framer invited one of the merchants for dinner. The trader was very fascinated with the painting and offered him 2 bags of gold coins in exchange for the painting. This was an irresistible deal for the farmer, so he made the deal with the trader. The painting sailed across countries with the trader. During his trade visit to Persia – the painting attracted Nasruddin’s attention. (Nasruddin was the finance minister to the sultan.)The painting was sold for 200 bags of gold. The trader was very happy with himself as he earned 198 bags of gold with this painting. The next day Nasruddin offered this painting to the sultan as a gift in his royal darbar. The Sultan has an eye for artworks but this painting made him speechless. No one in darbar saw Sultan like this before. After a while, Sultan announced that this painting is a masterpiece that cannot be valued. The Sultan gifted Nasruddin the city of ababwa as a token of gratitude to this invaluable painting. The painting is now part of the Sultan's Royal Darbar.

Moral of the story: You are the painting in the story. You are an invaluable artefact that was ever created and brought to life. If you are valued less, the person judging you is ignorant.

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